How To Install Google Tag Manager On WordPress

Google Tag Manager

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Adding Google Tag Manager to WordPress

First thing’s first, you need to sign up for Google Tag Manager. Creating an account is simple.

Just head on over with your email address and after signing in, you’ll be greeted with this screen:

Google Tag Manager Account Creation Screen

Don’t be shy, go ahead and put in your desired name, your location, check the box and press continue!

Next you’ll be asked for the container name, which is just your website, select “Web” and press create!

GTM: Set Up Container

Hey presto, look at that! You just signed up for Google Tag Manager!

The Code

Now, the fun part! You’re going to be prompted to install Google Tag Manager with a mean looking screen just like this:

Google Tag Manager Install Code

Now, the most important piece of advice I can give anyone looking to make any sort of progress with tech, is to just read what the screen says.

So many people get freaked out when they see anything that looks complicated. Just read it, it says “copy and paste”, great we know how to do that!

So first up, copy the first box of code and head back over to your WordPress site.

Now, you’re looking at a few distinct steps here. Let’s break it down with a good old fashioned list:

  1. Click “Appearance” in the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Under that find “Editor”
  3. Over on the right hand side, now you’re looking for “header.php”, click that beauty!
  4. Now in the code, the part that says <head>, press enter a few times to make some space under it, and simply paste your code, right under the <head>.
  5. Next, copy the next piece of code in the 2nd box and head back to your editor
  6. You’re looking for where the header ends, this will be signaled by </head>
  7. Following the </head> will be <body>, the same step applies here, right after the <body> tag, hit enter to make some space and paste in the code.
  8. Click “Update File” at the bottom and Bob’s your uncle!
Wordpress Editor Screen


Congratulations, you just installed Google Tag Manager on your WordPress website, I’m proud of you!

See, that wasn’t complicated now was it?

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