Star Wars Day – Google Search Console Easter Eggs

Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you!

As Star Wars day is upon us, some have gone out of their way to celebrate our new favourite micro-holiday.

It looks like this year, Google have topped the list with a number of updates to Google Search Console.

Upon logging in, you’ll notice a familiar face looking at you, prompting a click!

Toggle Star Wars Mode - Google Search Console

Google gives you the option to “Toggle Star Wars Mode” and upon clicking the icon, you’re greeted with this message:

Star Wars Day Google Search Console

Though be warned, this scrolls much faster than I was prepared for!

After you’ve selected Star Wars Mode, you’ll notice a few hidden Easter Eggs around the place.

Death Star Icons

Star Wars Day Death Star Icon

Light-saber Scroll Bars

Star Wars Day - Lightsaber

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Star Wars Day Galaxy Far Far Away

Which isn’t really supported..

Unsupported Galaxy - Star Wars Day

X-Wing Fighter Loading screens

X-Wing Fighter Load Screen - Star Wars Day

Yoda Tool Tips

Yoda Tool Tips - Star Wars Day

These updates follow Google’s recent Easter egg for Avengers: Endgame with the Infinity Gauntlet giving up a perfectly balanced search engine by dusting half of the results!

Thanos Infinity Gaunlet

Comment below if I’ve missed any of the Star Wars features and tune in soon for the next Spoonfed SEO guide.

‘Till next time!

Author: Brian C

Brian is an SEO Manager for a leading Irish digital agency. With years of experience across Social Media Management, Content Development and Strategy and SEO for clients across a diverse portfolio, Brian shares his insights to make digital digestible for everyone.